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My Books News

My Books News

Living The Simply Luxurious Life - Shannon Ables


Peço desculpa, mas comprometi-me a rever títulos que pedisse aos editores, tive mais olhos que barriga e agora sinto-me culpada. Um dia destes, traduzo isto. :)

Pensei que iria ler um livro sobre frugalidade, mas tropecei num título com 400 páginas de fases feitas.


I found that the book needed some serious editing. There were parts that I really enjoyed, but others that put me off. It is sad because there is a lot of potencial in this book.

Also, because of the structure, there was a lot of repetition.

Mostly, it was a bullet style number of self evidences, that are all over the internet, without the support information - why was that important, is this a fact or the author opinion?

Some parts are just ridiculous, like the kitchen stuff. Ex: "Chop Garlic: Trim, crush (using a broad knife held flat over the clove and smashing it with your fist), and chop." - That was not part of a recipe, but a series of bullet points about the kitchen. It it the perfect example of the excess of the book.

But the main thing is that I really didn´t identified with the author´s views on womanhood.


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