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My Books News

My Books News

Curtas literárias 11.06.2019

Notícias literárias:


Margaret Atwood’s debut novel, The Edible Woman, to be adapted for television [Literary Hub]


Outras leituras:


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jared Diamond Describes How the U.S. Could Become a Dictatorship in 10 Years [Open Culture]


With Apologies to Orwell, We’ve Gone Way Past 1984. From Putin to Trump, We Are Being Told to "reject the evidence of your eyes and ears." [Literary Hub]


In 2012, Putin declared his dream of building a Russian-led replacement for the European Union, “from Lisbon to Vladivostok,” unbound by such bothersome concepts as human rights and free and fair elections. Inspired by the fascist thinker Aleksandr Dugin, he called it Eurasia.


Rebecca Solnit: How Internet Insinuation Becomes Campaign Fact. On the Curious Case of Elizabeth Warren and the "Charter School Lobbyist" Who Wasn't [Literary Hub]


“I should hate forever to be a burden to you”: Lessons in Love from Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West [Catapult]


Conduction de Ta-Nehisi Coates [The New Yorker]



New and Classic Queer Literature to Read for Free Online [Electric Literature]