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My Books News

Billy-Ray Belcourt - This Wound is a World



Que trabalho incrível de poesia / memória / manifesto.


Foi minha primeira vez que li o poeta canadiano e indígena Billy-Ray Belcourt, e confesso-me muito impressionada com o trabalho dele.


A palavra ferida, no título, revela um conteúdo que reflete muita dor e melancolia.

Este é um livro de memórias de uma pessoa LGBTQA indígena, nos dias de hoje (ou em muitos outros momentos, eu não sei).


"To be a native and a queer is to sometimes forget how to love yourself because no one else wants to
is to bandage the wounds with strangers you met an hour ago
and count the number of times
they baptize you with words like
beautiful and handsome and sexy
because sex is the only ceremony
you have time for
these days"


Além dos momentos de introspecção intimista, há muito comentário social a situações em concreto, como o racismo em Oxford ou crimes de ódio em Ontário


If Our Bodies Could Rust, We Would Be Falling Apart

the law mandates that a hate crime only be classified as such if there is ample evidence to show that one’s actions were motivated by prejudice toward an individual’s nationality , ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc.

oh, i got one!

some more than others know that all objects can be put to violent use. if our bodies could rust, we would be falling apart.

oh, i got one!

barbara kentner, 34, was hit in the stomach by a trailer hitch thrown at her from a moving car. after throwing the hitch, a blond eighteen -year-old man yelled oh, i got one. her sister saw and heard everything . no one should have to watch a world explode like that. no one should have to watch someone become unbodied like that. the cbc reported that the police did not investigate the assault as a hate crime because there “were no comments which made any reference to race or ethnicity.”

oh, i got one!

it is basic syntax. one is the object and she is at the mercy of the i. this is a semiotics of indigeneity that routes us into death worlds . in the mouths of the grim reapers of the world, grammar is excited by violence.




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